Queen Maud Land
Queen Maud Land
— Dependency of United Republics
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History

OTL equivalent: Antarctica 20W to 44E
Flag of Maud Land
Other cities Various Research Stations
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese
  others Chinese, Arabic
Religion Catholicism, Protestantism
Population 1000 Perm Non-AC (1995 Census) 
Established 1992
Admission 1994 (Dependency)
Currency Peso
Time zone UTC -2
Abbreviations QML

Queen Maud Land is a dependency under the United Republics acquired by the UR from Scandinavia with Naval force under Operation Snatch. Operation Snatch removed all Scandinavian scientists from their Sub-equatorial possessions, and move them into the United Republics (similar to OTL Operation Paperclip). Queen Maud Land was admitted as a dependency in 1994 after two years of recovering research projects from Scandinavian outposts and facilities. Maud Land was admitted with Bouvet Island and Peter I. Isle, into the UR. The UR quickly incorporated Maud Land as a research outpost sending many scientists to the region. Research there is varied and most is undisclosed to the public.