Alaina Judah I Bloor the Outstanding of Arabia and The Horn of Africa
Timeline: Sino-Roman
Grandfather: Grandmother: Grandfather: Grandmother:
Dacre Yusuf oo Queen Subira Bloor Robbie Zane oo Kathleen Zane
Father: Mother:
King Mihammad Bloor oo Diann Bloor

                 Robbie Zane m. Kathleen Zane  Dacre Yusuf m. Queen Subira Bloor                       
                 (1890-1943) |  (1890-1988)    (1885-1986) |  (1883-1957)
                             |                             |                                       
Zulfikar Younis  Diann Bloor m.          King Mihammad Bloor m. Evalyn Bloor            
(1914-    |      (1908-1942) |           (1904-2004)         |  (1902-2005)
 1992)    |_________________ | ____________________          |____________________________ 
          |                  |                     |         |              |             |
Brennan Younis m. Queen Alaina Judah    Kristel Bloor m. Alger Bloor  Dane Bloor  Theodora Bloor  
(1934-1998)    |  Bloor the Outstanding   (1935)           (1919)       (1919)      (1919)  
               |  of Arabia and 
               |  The Horn of 
               |  Africa (1928)
         |        |                |                  |                   |            
Prince Malcolm  Prince Stevie  Princess Fariha  Prince Rabi   Princess Morgen
Bloor (1945)    Bloor (1949)   Bloor (1949)     Bloor (1951)  Bloor (1953)    

Queen Alaina Judah Bloor (born August 1928 in Ar Riyad) is the Sovereign of Arabia and The Horn of Africa. She became Queen on August 16, 2004. The monarchy of Arabia and The Horn of Africa is largely a symbolic office with little power.

Queen Alaina Judah Bloor is from the Oromo ethnic nation of Arabia and The Horn of Africa. She is a married mother of five children.

Queen Alaina first attended an Orthodox Church school and later joined the Nigella Younis School in Addis Ababa where she followed her education until the Roman Empire invasion. The school was then renamed "The Skole Prins Sørensen" (Prince of Sørensen School) for the Crown Prince of Rome, in Addis Ababa.

Between 1950 and 1952, she received certificates in Management (from Belgium and Luxembourg), in Air Traffic Management (in Scandinavia) and Air Traffic Control (in Canada) under a training programme sponsored by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Queen Alaina Judah Bloor speaks many languages fluently. They are: Afan Oromo (Oromiffa), Amharic, Arabic, Tigrigna, Italian, Persian, English and French. Her grand niece is Sammi Zane, former Prime Minister of North America.