André Boisclair, leader of the Parti Québécois was seeking a second term in office. The Liberal candidate in 2003, former President Jean Charest had resigned in 2004, therefore the new Liberal leader, Philippe Couillard was nominated. The moderate center-right Union Démocratique Québécoise nominated its long time leader, Mario Dumont once again. The Greens, with the endorsement of minor parties such as the Bloc Pot, Union des Forces Progressistes, and others, nominated incumbent leader Richard Savignac.


André Boisclair campaigned on his administration's successes and strong points, while the Liberals attacked Boisclair over his troubled past, and numerous corruption scandals. The UDQ and the Greens led a campaign advocating libertarianism. The UDQ styled itself as the "conservative choice" while the Greens campaigned as "the libertarian coalition". Polls showed the Liberals leading the PQ by one or two points.


Screencap from the first round


The first round was held on February 6, 2007.

CandidateParty% (First Round)% (Second Round)
André BoisclairParti Québécois34.5%50.3%
Phillipe CouillardParti Libéral du Québec34.4%49.7%
Mario DumontUnion Démocratique Québécoise16.5%-
Richard SavignacParti Vert du Québec14.5%-


While Boisclair won an unprecendented second term as President, he saw his support decrease and a new rise of the Liberals. But also, a surprising performance of the Greens, who polled 14.5% in the first round. The UDQ decreased from 20% in 2003 to 16.5%. Boisclair will sit until 2011. He may not run for re-election.

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