The second Quebecois presidential election was held on February 7, 1999. Incumbent PQ President Jacques Parizeau declined to run for a second term and stepped down as PQ leader.


The PQ held a snap leadership election in November 1998 that led Prime Minister Bernard Landry to the PQ nomination. The Liberals nominated their new leader Jean Charest, while Mario Dumont ran for a second time as the UDQ candidate.


Charest launched numerous attacks on the PQ and President Parizeau's poor presidency.


The PQ suffered its largest electoral defeat and suffered a huge blow in the second round 59-40.

CandidateParty% (First Round)% (Second Round)
Jean CharestParti Libéral du Québec42.5%59.9%
Bernard Landry.Parti Québécois31.6%40.1%
Mario DumontUnion Démocratique Québécoise19.2%-
François CyrUnion des forces progressistes2.9%-
Keith HendersonEquality-Egalité1.9%-
Richard SavignacParti Vert du Québec1.3%-
Hugô St-OngeBloc Pot0.6%-
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