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Quebecois presidential election, 1995 (QC)

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The first ever Quebecois presidential election was held in a feeling of uncertainty and confusion in late December 1995.


The PQ incumbent (former Quebec premier), Jacques Parizeau received the nationalist party's nomination. The anti-independence Liberals of Quebec nominated their leader, Daniel Johnson.


Daniel Johnson tried to capitalize on the drawbacks of Quebecois independence and announced at numerous times he would consider re-joining Canada. Parizeau claimed Johnson was running a "campaign for Canada" and said numerous times that Quebec would enjoy a privileged economic and political relation with Canada.


Parizeau defeated Johnson with a large majority. The election also saw a strong showing for an English-Canadian party led by Keith Henderson, Equality.

Candidate Party % (First Round) % (Second Round)
Jacques ParizeauParti Québécois46.8%65.7%
Daniel Johnson Jr.Parti Libéral du Québec31.0%34.3%
Mario DumontUnion Démocratique Québécoise14.2%-
Keith HendersonEquality-Egalité-CANADA!8.0%-
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