Quebec Uprising
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Date December 1, 1805
Location Quebec Province
Result Decisive Quebec Victory, formation of Quebec

Flag of the United Kingdom British Canada

Flag of QuebecQuebec

Commanders and leaders

Flag of the United Kingdom Isaac Brock


Flag of the United Kingdom 1,000 men

Flag of Quebec 124,223 men and women

Flag of the United States 104 American mercenaries

Casualties and losses

Britain: 575 men killed, wounded, or deserted

Quebec: 2,134 men killed, wounded, or missing

American mercenaries: 13 men killed, wounded, or missing

The Quebec Uprising occurred on December 1, 1805 after the French-majority province of British Canada, Quebec, rebelled against its British governors upon hearing the news of the British defeat at Trafalgar.

This event was supported by the Americans, as they still viewed the British as oppressors, who took away everything and left the natives with nothing. The clashes between Quebecois and the British led to the total death to reach 575 British killed, and another 2,134 Quebecois killed. Thirteen American mercenaries were killed in the infighting.

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