Quebec Revolutionary War
Lower Canada Rebellion Picture
Patriote, French and American soldiers in battle
Date 6 November 1837 — 10 November 1838
Location North America, briefly Europe
Result Lower Canada victory, Treaty of Montreal
Flag of the United Kingdom British Empire Flag of the Patriote movement (Lower Canada) Lower Canada

Flag of France French Republic
US flag with 26 stars by Hellerick United States
Supported by:
Flag of New Spain Louisiana

1,380 regulars, up to 10,000
23,000 militia
~5,000 Patriotes
30,000 French
25,000 Americans
Casualties and losses
110 dead
62 wounded
73 dead
1,000 wounded or captured

The Quebec Revolutionary War (originally known as the Lower Canada Rebellion) was a military conflict in North America from 1837 to 1838. The war ended in the independence of the British colony of Quebec, thanks in part to international support.