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République du Québec
Republic of Québec
Timeline: French Trafalgar, British Waterloo

OTL equivalent: Québec
Flag of Quebec (FTBW)
Capital Québec City
Largest city Montreal
Other cities Ottawa, Toronto
Language French, English
Roman Catholicism
  others Protestantism
Government Sorelist Dictatorship
  legislature Legislative Assembly
Population 10,784,023 
Established 1941
Currency Quebec Dollar

Quebec is a country in North America bordered on the north by the Arctic Ocean, the East by Newfoundland and the Atlantic Ocean, the South by the United States of America and on the west by Assiniboia. Quebec is home to the descendants of French settlers to North America in the seventeenth and eighteenth century until it was taken over by the British Empire in 1763 during the Seven Years War. In 1864, Quebec joined with Newfoundland, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island into the Dominion of Canada.

The largest settlement of French speakers outside of France itself, Quebec was always struggling to defend it's rights as a French speaking, Roman Catholic territory in a dominate English, protestant Canada. These tensions would lead to violence in the Canadian Civil War (1937-1945) between National Socialist Ontario and Quebec, which was increasingly under the influence of Sorelism from France. The civil war eventually merged into the Third Global War, and with the aid of Assiniboia, America and other allies, Quebec was eventually able to defeat English-Canada. Quebec, however, was not interested in becoming an American dependency, so an alliance with France, and an increasingly right wing, dictatorial Sorelist government dominated Quebec. The Scottish-Quebec Missile Crisis, which involved the placing of nuclear missiles in Quebec targeted at the US, nearly lead to nuclear war in 1960, but the removal of the nuclear warheads calmed fears. To this day, Quebec remains a strong ally of France, and a sizeable French army is maintained in Quebec to protect it from the US and the Juneau Pact.


The area that is now Quebec was first explored by the French, and the first settlement was set up by Samuel de Champlain in 1608.

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