Republic of Quebec
République du Québec
Timeline: Failed Continental Congress
Fcc quebec flag
Flag of Quebec
(and largest city)
Language French
Government Republic
Independence from Britain
  declared 1816

Quebec comprises, more or less, OTL province of Quebec in Canada, plus part of Newfoundland's Labrador.


In the settlement of the Columbian-British war of 1812, Columbia demanded that the United Kingdom would retire from northestern North America. Columbia annexed Ontario, the maritime provinces become independent as New English protectorates, and Quebec was established as an independent country.


The first constitution of Quebec of 1817 granted that no person would be a slave on Quebecois territory.



The Republic of Quebec borders: North: Arctic Ocean. West and South: Columbia. Southeast: New England. East: Atlantic Ocean.

Administrative divissions

Quebec is a unitary republic divided into administrative regions.

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