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Republic of Quebec
République du Québec
Timeline: Alternity

OTL equivalent: Lower Canada
Flag of the Patriote movement (Lower Canada) Coat of Arms of Quebec (No Napoleon)
Flag Coat of Arms
Quebec 1997 (Alternity)
Location of Quebec
Capital Quebec City
Largest city Montreal
Other cities Trois-Rivières, Saguenay, Gatineau
  others English
Demonym Quebecer, Quebecois
Government Federal parliamentary republic
  legislature Parliament
President Lucien Bouchard
Prime Minister Lise Thibault
Population 7,500,000 
Independence from United Kingdom
  declared November 6, 1837
  recognized October 7, 1839
Currency Quebecois piastre
Internet TLD .qc
Organizations United Nations
G11 & G30 (partner nation)

Quebec, officially the Republic of Quebec (French: République du Québec) is a federal parliamentary republic, located on the southern Labrador Peninsula of North America. The nation shares borders with Canada to the north and west and the United States and Newfoundland to the south.

Originally a part of British North America, the Province of Lower Canada was created along the northern bank of the St. Lawrence River in 1791 from the core of the old colony of New France. Quebec's population eventually grew restless under British rule, and, in 1837, armed rebellion broke out in Lower Canada. After nearly two years of fighting, with the support of the United States and France, Quebec gained its' independence from Britain.



War of 1812 (1812-1815)

Quebec Revolution (1837-39)

Independence (1839)

The Papineau Era (1840-1852)

Conflict with Canada (1858)

Late 19th/early 20th century

World War II (1938-1945)

Cold War era and Communist influences (1946-1993)

Modern times (1985-present)


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In Popular Culture

  • Ben Corrin's bestselling 1987 novel L'Anse Amour is set on the southern coast of Quebec, across the Strait of Belle Isle from Newfoundland. The story revolves around an ancient burial mound cursed by the spirit of a ruthless Native American warlord and the efforts of an archaeological preservation team to prevent the site from being used to resurrect an ancient evil meant to stay buried. A film adaption of the novel, scripted by Corrin himself, was released to rave reviews in 1991.


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