Quebec-Louisiana is a country in North America and a former colony of the French Empire. Quebec-Louisiana was originally the name of the French colony consisting of Louisiana and the former province of Quebec. It came to be after an independence movement in Quebec (aided by the French) seceded from British North America and managed to even take some land from Ontario to join the territory of Louisiana.

The colony remained in the background of the world for a while, being eclipsed by Mexico's massive economy and not really being that important to France. It was a theatre of war during WWI in which the United States and Mexico fought against and defeated the French Colonial Defense Forces.

After WWI ended and the French Empire collapsed, Quebec-Louisiana declared its independence from France and became a country in its own right.


Quebec-Louisiana was originally two different colonies owned by two different powers. They developed differently, with Quebec having a larger population, while Louisiana was huge with little people. When Napoleon decided to send troops to America, they went to Louisiana first, this allowed for more colonizers and people to move there because they felt safer. Later on, when Quebec achieved independence, soldiers from Louisiana and rebels from Quebec were able to secure some land in Ontario to "connect" the two colonies through the Great Lakes.

After having thrived for half a century and becoming an important colony of France, Quebec-Louisiana fought on the losing side of World War I. Shortly after the collapse of the French Empire, it became an independent country.