• United Kingdom
  • Prussia
  • Austrian Empire
  • France
  • Russia
  • Papal States
  • Naples-Sicily
  • Piedmont-Sardinia


International Affairs

Nation Status
Netherlands Dangerous threat
Ottoman Empire Rump state, conquering
Greece Is helping
Switzerland Neutral


Papal - Piedmontese Scientific Cooperation

Status: Ongoing

Torino - Rome railroad

Status: Completed


Rome Conference

Topics in discussion:
  1. Northern War and territorial changes
  2. Naples attempt of attack in Piedmont-Sardinia

Papal States diplomats wait the arrival of the other nations diplomats to start the discussion.

Mod: Issue 2 is not correct, Naples did not launch any war against any of its allies yet.

Haven't it sent a fleet to attack Piemontese Iceland recently after it conquest?

They did

No, they didn't. Obviously other nations can only see them move their ships around. Nobody knows what were they doing. And they didn't launch any attack yet.

It says that they DECLARED alliance with Denmark, and their ships even arrived and then turned back. When someone declares something I believe that is pretty solid evidence.

We should probably begin as soon as possible because Bavaria's most recent post.

Piedmont-Sardinia: So they want to invade Iceland and take it back. We should probably deal with this first, and Naples second. When they begin invasion UK, and France send their navies to aid us, meanwhile Russia attacks and regains lost land, and Austria and Papap State invade Bavaria. Sound like a plan?

Papal States: First, the war in Iceland is impossible to win, UK isn't wanting to enter the war, so that allow their fleet to reach Iceland easily, and giving the number of the supporting countries, the army also won't survive. What we can do is make they put most of their fleet and army in Iceland (fighting some men) while we make a full strike with the Russian Forces, that we would sent men to train it now. That would solve the war, since Russian advance would be quick and enough to the enemy be divided, and so, we can do a quick attack in Stockholm, prepare adequate defences in both sea and land, and hold either a battle to retake the city, while all other fronts advance, or sign a new peace treaty were we may lose Iceland, but Russia would regain it Glory, territories and even win some. Second, if we attack Bavaria, Austria won't sent much men to north, and that could also affect Papal States and Piedmont. We should keep and eye opened on then, but we could invade Belgium and Netherlands through France, since their support in the sea is big, but their army is not match to some of ours combined.

Piedmont-Sardinia: The war in Iceland is definitely winnable. In descending order, the UK, France, and Russia have the three strongest navies in the world, with Denmark as 8th. We could destroy the ships before they even get to Iceland. Also, you and Austria should definitely invade Bavaria, I'll also help a bit. If we could bull-rush Bavaria or at least divert their troops away from Iceland it would definitely help my troops in Iceland. France could also invade Belgium and Netherlands, with this plan every member but the Papal State, Austria, and Russia would be fighting a two front war, definitely stretching them thin.

Papal States: We can't force the UK to join the war, France didn't reply to conference, so we shouldn't put all our hopes on then and Russian Navy couldn't avoid the Swedish invasion, how can they stop a gigantic fleet of several nations? The thing I can assure is that they won't pass Gibraltar Strait and so we're safe, but for how long? Besides Naples refused to join the Conference and so it could be a threat to me, how can I deal with then and Bavaria? We could see if the Catholic nations of the Stockholm Alliance are whiling to stay out of the war, but I doubt it. And last, we need the opinion of Austria, Russia, France, Portugal and Spain about the plan before starting putting it in action.

Piedmont-Sardinia: I suppose you are right. I wil fight tooth and nail in Iceland but send some soldiers to Russia. Let's go with your plan.

Piedmont-Sardinia: For the Naples-Sicily thing I think we should demand they give me Malta, and you some of their northern land for their betrayal.

Papal States: You started now a war in Iceland, and expect to fight another in Italy? They agreed in come to the meeting with the necessity of not entering the war, but with alliance to us. 

Piedmont-Sardinia: I'm not saying that we should fight a war in Italy NOW. Let's wait, or we could let their treachery slide, but they may try to back stab us again in our current war.

Naples - Sicily: Will not give anything away, strengthen the military. Will stay neutral now, and be careful on Piedmont - Sardinia.

Austria: We will be hearing opinions. We might decide this later.

Prussia: We are preparing.

Piedmont-Sardinia: Preparing for what?

Papal States: We must keep the alliance together, so we shouldn't consider invading allies.

Piedmont-Sardinia: We will forgive Naples-Sicily if they issue a formal apology.

Papal States: We have a option of peace treaty I think the Northern Alliance will accept: Piedmont-Sardinia give their Iceland to Great Britain and get in back more of Africa and Cyprus, that's up to UK. Don't you think that will end the war? They won't mess with the UK and Piedmont would still have lands.

Piedmont-Sardinia: I'll agree with that, but also ask if I can keep the area around Emmanuelia.

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