The Sahalee Metropolitan area, locally known as Metro Sahalee or the Lower Mainland, is a major American metropolitan area in the state of Pacifica, on the West Coast. It is anchored by the city of Sahalee and large adjacent cities.


The core of Metro Sahalee is comprised of Nansett, Miller, Kwantlen and Capilano Counties. The US Census uses those four counties as the Sahalee-Fraser-Wamash Metropolitan Statistical Area. Occasionally, Chilliwack County in Pacifica and Whatcom County in Washington is included, which the US Census does in its definition of the Sahalee-Fraser-Bellingham Combined Statistical Area, which adds the Bellingham MSA to the larger Fraser floodplain area.

Cities and CDPs in Quad-Cities

Nansett County

Total Population: 1,385,963

Name Population (2010) Square Miles Founded
Sahalee 596,717
Fraser 271,481
Wamash 317,102
Coquitlam 169,455
Port George 28,418
Andover 2,790

Capilano County

Total Population: 180,699

Name Founded Square Miles
Burrard 127,113
West Burrard 38,771
Indian Arm 3,017
Horseshoe Bay (CDP) 1,670
Lions Bay (CDP) 1,718
Alder Island (CDP) 8,410

Miller County

Total Population: 525,252

Name Population (2010) Square Miles
Sumner 203,448
Cloverdale 54,740
Walnut Grove 36,871
Glenmore 25,478
Portsmouth 85,540
Delta 27,293
Tsawwassen 39,560
Brookswood (CDP) 15,717
Westfield (CDP) 23,781
Fort Nansett (CDP) 3,257
Unincorporated County Balance 9,567

Kwantlen County

Total Population: 70,617

Name Population Square Miles Founded
Kwantlen Prairie 22,451
Century 19,371
Whonnock (CDP) 4,514
Kanaka (CDP) 4,231
Golden Ears (CDP) 2,313
Stave City (CDP) 2,061
Unincorporated Balance 15,676

Total Population

Metro Sahalee - 2,162,531 |}