Aq Qoyunlu
Timeline: Principia Moderni II (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Persia
Coat of arms
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World map

N/A (Turke)

Capital Tebriz
Largest city Baghdad
  others Persian
  others N/A
Ethnic Groups
Turkish, Persian
  others Assyrian
Demonym Qoyunlulular
Government Federational Monarchy
  legislature The Yushoyunlu
Sultan Uzun Hassan
  : (Inherited by whichever son wins the succession crisis)
  water (%) N/A
Population N/A (guesstimation)
Established 1378
Currency Dinar


The People speak many Turkish dialects to the North, however the one spoken in the courte is call Turke. The usage of Turke also extends into the upper class and many of the middle class, in cities. However, Persian is also a n equally as large language (probably larger) to the south and west, Persian is also used in courts. Arabic, the language of the mosques, is spoken in much of the east, and is the language of administration for Baghdad. Armenian and other Caucasian languages are a small minority.


The Government is exclusively run by the Bey/Sultan, however, due to its confederate nature, the Bey may not want to exert absolute power, and it is advisable for him to have many advisors. The Succession of the throne is very differnt from European standards, at the death of the Bey, his sons compete for power. The closer you are to the capital, the better, you hear news of the Bey's death quicklier and therefore have a greater chance of becoming the next Bey. This usually include faction building to start small armies to fight against one another, however, these event are relitavely short and do not cause a major disruption in Qoyunlulular life.

In Tebriz the place where all the advisors meet to keep the empire running is called the Divan, and sometimes the Divanev.

Courte Life

The Sultan wakes up at sunrise, has a light breakfast and does administrative work until the sun is almost at its peak. This includes working in the Divan, writing alliances, and inspecting the capital, Tebriz. It is recommended for those other than advisors not to talk to the Sultan at this time unless an absolute emergency, such as a nearby country invading or a revolt.

At that moment, the Bey takes his time in leisurely affairs such as listening to music, read and writing poetry/literature and having lunch. He does this until the sun is at a 45 degree angle from earth.

Then he goes back to administration matters until night time. At night, the Bey retires to his Imperial Seraglio, in which the women of the Sultan keeps his night affairs. This Seraglio (where wives and concubines are held) may number up to 20 women. The women of the Seraglio are usually of European heritage and almost always Christians. Most of those of European heritage come from the Caucassuss, in which most are slaves. However, the major reason for keeping this system is for producing heirs (which I do remind you fight!).

Foreign Relations


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