Flag of the Qing dynasty (1889-1912)


The Imperial court in all its magnificence and splendour! Since meeting the Russians a few decades ago, Northern China has come under frequent Russian raids. These barbarians need to be taught a lesson. The Emperor is confident that they could crush Russian resistance, but his generals aren't so sure. Many reports are coming in that Russia, and the Ottoman Empire are preparing for massive invasions of Eastern Europe. So now would be an ideal time to strike. To the east, Japan is weak but would be almost impossible to invade. Contact with the Tokugawas has been re-established but, like China, Japan hates foreign trade. The fact that now the Dutch have their attention focused on the region is bad news. Dutchmen are pressuring China to open their ports. A small port has been opened up in Japan, but China remains strong willed....

1820, China is light brown

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