Qiangyi, Crown Prince of Han
Full name
Hàn Qiángyì (漢 強意)
House House of Han
Father Han Guang
Mother Tang Shuxian
Born 2 November 2004 (age 12)
Chang'an Imperial Hospital,
Religion Han Buddhism

Han Qiangyi, Crown Prince of Han (Hanyu: 皇太子強意王子, Hanyu pinyin: Huángtàizǐ Qiángyì Wángzǐ; born 2 November 2004) is the eldest child and first son of Emperor Han Guang and Empress Tang Shuxian.

Titles, styles and honours

  • 2004 — 2010: His Imperial Highness The Prince Jiang
  • 2010 — present: His Imperial Highness The Crown Prince

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