The Qallu Coup was an event occurring on 799 AD. In it,  the Qallu, Aramaic courtiers of African descent, seized power from the Nestorid Dynasty after the death of Hozal ben Husayn but before the succession of his son, Cephas ben Hozal, and crowned their military leader, Bilal, as Emperor, starting the 31-year Qallu Dynansty in the Aramaic Empire.

The Qallu Coup eventually led to the Qallu Collapse and the collapse of the Aramaic Empire as the Qallu, previously mildly egalitarian, fell under religious and dynastic turmoil. The Qallu eventually fled to the last loyalist piece of the Aramaic Empire, Socotra, with the title of Emperor of Aram going shortly to Afrêm III, another Nestorid and a Sassanid puppet before his title degrading to King of Babylonia.

The Qallu Coup was also aided by the black agricultural workers, the Uka'ma (ܐܘܼܟ'ܡܐ ), who revolted against the Nestorid overlords in Sumeria, where the Uka'ma comprised nearly 40% of the population.

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