Place of Polar Darkness
— Province of Greenland
Timeline: Vikings in the New World

OTL equivalent: Northern third of the Qaasuitsup Province
Qaasuitsup Flag VINW 2
Flag of Qaasuitsup
Population 3653 
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Qaasuitsup is the third-northernmost province of Greenland.


In the early to mid-1700's, Greenlandic settlers reached the north part of Qaasuitsup. However, this region was one of the major native Inuit regions, and had many towns already founded. The settlers meshed into these towns, and set up towns of their own. Qaasuitsup, formerly part of Kitaa, was one of the most populous mining regions around 1800, until the mines dried up and the miners moved east. The town of Aulaiyiyok was the main town in Qaasuitsup, and was already a town of its own before Greenlandic contact. Mines were briefly built there, but it never grew a large mining population. It was simply just another town in the north. Up until 1935, Qaasuitsup belonged to Kitaa, up until they pleaded to break away. Since then nothing much has changed. The population of Aulayiyok remains at 1059. The population of the province has slightly increased, from around 3200 to 3500, and is still one of the least populated provinces in all of Greenland.

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