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Charlottan Confederation
Timeline: Days After Chaos

OTL equivalent: Haida Gwaii, Northwestern Vancouver Island
Flag of Charlotta
(and largest city)
Language Haida
Ethnic Group Haida
Demonym Charlottan,
Government Monarchy
Area 13,840 
Population 50,000 
Established 1915

The Qaaganate of Charlotte is an autocratic monarchy located in the Queen Charlotte Islands and the northwest coast of Vancouver Island. It is ruled by Qaaga Metlakatla, who exerts total control over the Qaaganate. It sustains itself mainly through piracy against its neighbours, controlling the msot significant navy int the region. 


Following the chaos of the late eighteenth century, Charlotte fell into isolation. The population sustained itself by fishing and limited agriculture, although the harsh climate kept it limited. Haida gradually reasserted itself as a language, first among the native majority, then the whole population. Recorded history on the island begins when the first Qaagan, Ghwai, seized on the idea of converting the small group of fishermen he controlled into raiders. Soon he was able to extort protection money from hundreds of other fishermen, many of whom joined the racket. With his expanded fleet, Ghwai launched a war of conquest, crushing two challengers to his authority in bloody naval battles off Skidegate and Moresby Island. With the whole island under his authority, Ghwai was forced to turn abroad for raiding targets. His people, seeing the comparative ease of taking their own food vs. growing and catching their own food, soon launched full-scale into raiding. In 1915 the Qaaganate came to exist in its modern form. 

Raids on the nearby coast culminated in the first of many clashes with the Vancouvan city-states to the south. Allying themselves with the cannibal Chilliwaki tribes, the Charlottans were able to besiege and take Nov Vankhouvar, on the north coast of that island. The capture of many slaves fuelled a population increase, which soon exceeded the carrying capacity of the islands. By 1930, the time of Ghwai's death, Nov Skeena, the colony on the north coast of Vancouver Island, covered much of the north coast. 

Meanwhile, the valulable fur respurces of the interior began to flow almost solely through Charlotte, making the nation increasingly wealthy. 


Charlotte is ruled by an autocratic Qaaga, who controls the entire government machinery and makes virtually all decisions affecting the nation as a whole. At a lower level, he holds the allegiance of hundreds of ship-captains, who pay him tribute. These captains hold the oaths of any inhabitants of a given land area, and can call them up for raiding at any time. Captains also receive tithes from their sworn men.


No military in the sense of a standing army exists. Instead, hundreds of ship-captains act as semi-independent mercenaries, owing allegiance only to the Qaagan. They have crews of several dozen, and, during the raiding season, spend most of their time plundering nearby states. The Qaagan can call upon this entire force for a large raid or if he or she wishes to conquer a nation or launch a large raid, but defeat generally results in his or her murder and replacement with a more militarily effective candidate. This has only happened once in the history of the Qaaganate ; in the Vancouvan Wars. 

In practice, the Qaaganate deploys a powerful navy and is virtually undefeated at sea. On land, its warriors are less effective. It often deploys hired Chiliwaki cavalry and can provide a force of effective heavy infantry who fight behind a shield wall. 

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