Puritan states of America

National flag

motto: United in faith, United purity

language: Latin, English

capital: Salem, Massachusetts

largest city: New Jerusalem

Type of political region: Providence of the holy British Empire.

Religion: Puritanism 80%, Catholic 9%, Amish 50%, Anabaptists 1%, Anglicans 1.0%
side note: Anabaptist and Catholicism are not officially approved religions. Being caught practicing these pagan beliefs may result in whipping or five hours in the stocks.

Government: religious oligarchy

leader: His Holiness Oliver Cromwell X

legislator: the United Council of Bishops, the Temperance League

Supreme Court: located in Salem decides punishments for all religious heretics

population: 250 million after the great religious purging

currency: sterling Silver

Religious laws: no wearing of cultural clothing, to not practice Anglicanism, Catholicism in public, no gambling or drinking, don't read sinful literature, don't break the curfew, do not shelter religious heretics or witches, no colored photographs or news broadcasts, no colorful paintings/Impressionist

Punishments for breaking these laws: all these laws above are for the protection of our society to weed out the evil that threatens us. Breaking many of these laws will lead to damnation and death or torture.

Holidays: Easter, Christmas, Day of Religious Conquest, Negative Perjured

Day of independence: June 22, 1885

Constitution: The Charter of the Guiding light of God

Exports: Bibles, wheat, tobacco, furniture

GDP:$8 trillion

History of the Empire

A religious movement which led to the Puritan states of America began in 16th century Europe. In 1595, the Calvinists were trying to get Lambeth Articles which would define and improve Calvinist religious doctrine. It was rejected by Queen Elizabeth the First. As a result of the inability of the Royal family to fulfill their duty, a small group of Puritan freedom factors led by John Blackwell successfully  assassinated Queen Elizabeth the First and many of her descendents. This led to anger and a 50 year civil war. During this war millions died and many communities were wiped out. There was intense genocide and millions of innocent people died because they were blamed for the assassination of the British Royal family. However, this ended in 1653 when Oliver Cromwell took over the British Commonwealth and established appears in state. In 1654, he successfully passed a salvation bill dissolving the institutions of the British Royal family and the Church of England. The Puritans and took over the British government and established the Holy Puritan Council, which governed and controlled the United Kingdom's foreign policy. Catholicism and the Church of England were banned religious movements. Cromwell established new laws to protect England and stopped it from falling into moral anarchy. Stage productions were banned and playwrights were executed. Colorful clothing, alcohol, non-religious music, unseemly religious practices and sexual practices were all banned. This comment the country and bought religious order. After Cromwell's death, his son took over and the Holy Defenders of the Faith bloodline was established. In 1670, allow which gave the Puritan nation control of all the British colonies past. With the passing of this law they can control the whole British Empire and begin to do intense missionary work. Their efforts were fairly successful. However, in 1775 the American Revolution threatened integrity of the nation. The Empire defeat the Americans as a result of the siege of Pennsylvania. After the war was over the Puritan nation state had control over the British Empire. In 1780 Great Britain was renamed the holy Puritan states and the Puritan Empire emerged. By 1805  Puritan  states of America was founded. Philadelphia had been partially rebuilt and was renamed New Jerusalem and became the capital of that state. With the conquest of Great Britain and United States the Puritan States had a major influence on the world and helped quell the French revolution and other revolutions. By 1930 two Puritan States controlled much of the former United States, the Caribbean, Great Britain and much of Western Europe. They also had some minor colonies, South Africa and the Pacific Ocean. They also had major prison colonies in Australia and Singapore. By the 21st century, the Empire controlled and influenced much of the world. The Puritan States of America became the powerhouse of the nation and was its major economic power. Death rates decreased, the economy improved and the Empire experienced an unprecedented peace. The Puritan News Network was also established and became the world leader in news. The Charter of the Guiding Light of God was established by Pres. Charles and became recognized worldwide. He died in 2011 following this when his holiness Oliver Cromwell X became the leader of the Empire. He's been one of the best presidents that the empires ever had. In 2013 our Empire experiences peace but we are still struggling and fighting the great holy war in the Middle East and North Africa. With the light of God we will stand up and claim parts the world, where there is no God.

This information can also be found in the archives in the capital building and New Jerusalem. I'm James Blackwell and I researched and wrote this article for the Holy Puritan Council. I am official historian to the Puritan Council and key contributor to the Puritan News Network.

Map of Puritan America

Map of Puritan North America

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