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Puntland has his independence when Somalia signs the Treaty of Mogadishu.

A Civil War breaks up in 2000 and Somaliland helps the governament and the war ends in 2009.

His economic is good, because of the alliance with Somaliland
Dawlad Free Puntland
Timeline: Somaliland Independence

OTL equivalent: Puntland
Flag of Puntland Coat of Arms of Puntland
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of State of Puntland

"نجم الشمال" \ "Star of the North" (Somali, Arabic)

Capital Garowe
Largest city Bosaso
Language Somali, Arabic
Religion Islam
Ethnic Group Somali
Demonym Puntlander
Government Presidential Republic
President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali
  Royal house: House of the Puntlanderes
Vice - President Abdihakim Abdullahi Haji Omar
212,510 km2
  water (%) n\a
Population 3,900,000 
Independence from Somalia
  declared 1995
  recognized 1995 (Treaty of Mogadishu)

1996 (Entry of Puntland in UN)

Currency Puntlander Shilling (Ps)
Time Zone East Africa Time (UTC+3)
Calling Code +256
Internet TLD .punt
Organizations UN, African Union and Somaliland - Puntland economic alliance

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