For other genres of rock, see popular music.

Punk is a genre of rock music, originating from the United Kingdom in the 1970s. It is based on a very simple, "primitive" few-chords music arrangement, and an ideology of social anarchy and extreme anti-establishment views.

Because of the ongoing Cold War and the worldwide economical crisis, punk has become one of the most popular genres both in western democracies and eastern socialist countries in the last few decades. It is seen and used as a way by the youth to protest against the political and economical system.

In France, many punk groups are harshly opposing the far-right Le Pen regime (which is also done by arabic and black hip hop artists), which makes them seen as antagonists by the ruling politics. In 1997, the band Bleeding Jeanne released a song entitled Le Pen Merde (Le Pen Shit), which was harshly criticized and unsuccessfully banned by the government. In 2004, Bruno Gollnisch (later the President of France), claimed that "We shall end the outrage of this anarchist scum", which was followed by a large wave of anti-punk clearing in the music industry. Liberal activits (both in France and in Europe) protested against it, as they've seen it as the abolishing of free speech.

In the Eastern Bloc, punk bands are usually illegal, and manage to criticize the ruling Communist system. Groups mostly perform underground, and usually reform and reform after being banned by the regime over and over again. Some bands even served prison terms for their views. The Hungarian band Rózsaszín Pitbull (Pink Pitbull) was banned in 1998, and all members were sentenced to prison. The lead singer tried to escape from the country, but was killed near the Austrian border.

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