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This timeline explores a world where Carthaginian Empire won the Punic Wars, changing European history forever. At the time of the war, Carthage was the biggest naval power in the Mediterranean Sea. This defeat is what jumpstarted the centuries of Roman rule in the continent. Rome had a fairly weak navy; and what if Rome never adapted Carthage's naval skills? The war would have been an easy Carthaginian victory, with Carthage annexing all of Sicily and parts of southern Italy, bringing the Roman nation into economic crisis and disorder. The Second Punic War was simply Carthage trying to finish off their weaker rival; with all of Rome being annexed. Eventually Carthaginian scholars would adopt the Roman way of life, with Carthage ending up a somewhat large empire. Modern day England and Eastern Europe would still be relatively similar to what they are as the first proto-English state started after the Romans left Britain; and Eastern Europe wasn't influenced much by Rome besides Russia; instead of a tsardom it became a principality. The entire western world and Africa have been radically changed; Rome shaped much of their civilization in OTL. The Americas are now named Newfoundland.

Abridged Timeline
List of Nations
List of Wars

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