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Pulp Fiction was a crime thriller written and directed by Ed Wood, starring Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood, and Marilyn Monroe, and the film was nominated and won several awards.

Marlon Brando plays Vincent Vega, a mob hit man who works with Jules Winnfield (Wood) who eliminates two men who crossed their boss for a bad deal, and later Vincent takes Mia Wallace (Monroe), Marsiellus's wife out to eat, which she is addicted to cocaine, and snorts Vega's heroin by accident, and almost overdoses and Vega takes her to the hospital and they give her a shot of adrenaline to the heart.

Clint Eastwood plays Butch Coolidge, an amateur boxer and makes a deal with Wallace to throw a fight but wins and unintentionally kills the opponent and plans to flee with his girlfriend but she forgets to pack his grandfather's watch and must go back to his apartment to retrieve it and finds a semi-automatic gun on the kitchen counter and he picks it up. Then, a surprised Vincent Vega walks out of the restroom and Butch guns him down. He then drives and strangely sees Wallace walk across the street. Butch punches the gas down and hits him until spiraling out of control and passed out. After Butch wakes up, Wallace pulls out a .44 magnum and he kills a couple of pedestrians while trying to kill Butch, who runs for his very life. They both end up at a pawn shop when Butch is about to end Wallace's life but is interrupted by the clerk who threatens him with a shotgun and requests him to approach the counter then knocks Butch out. They both wake up wearing lingerie, gagged and tied to chairs. Then, Wallace is taken in the back room to be ass raped which Butch unties himself and is about to leave until

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