What if a disease appeared in the New World, and did to the Old World what smallpox did to the New?


Point of Divergence

In approximately 1350 CE, a group of Chimor villagers, undernourished, went out to hunt to feed their families. When there, one of them contracted a disease from a monkey. After two weeks, one of the hunter's skin started to become jaundiced, and he began blistering. The next day, the hunter's body temperature started to rise, and the hunter was not able to keep any food down, along with bloody diarrhea. He died three days later from blood loss and dehydration. Soon, other villagers began to contract the disease, and within a year the entire region was ablaze with the new disease, named Pukayana. The disease continued to travel outwards in all directions, and within two decades all corners of OTL America had been chronically effected by the disease, just as smallpox and the black plague have done in the Old World. What will become of the New World with this disease? If the disease transferred to the Old World, how many would it kill? Only time can tell.

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