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Ptolemy XIII (Cupiditate Regni Adductus)

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Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator (Greek: Πτολεμαῖος Θεός ΦιλοπάτωρPtolemaĩos Theós Philopátōr, 62-47 BC, reign 62-47 BC) was among the last members of the Ptolemaic dynasty. His life was shaped by the chaos of the Collapse of the Ptolemaic Kingdom, which eventually led to his suicide in Alexandria. Ptolemy was originally co-ruler with Cleopatra VII, and after the Siege of Alexandria, Arsinoe IV. Though the forces of Julius Caesar and Mithridates of Pergamonretreated, Arsinoe's outdated army proved no match for the experienced horse-archers of Surena. After the disastrous Battle of Gaza, and the deaths of Achillasand Ganymedes, the Egyptian royal family fled to Alexandria. When the Parthian forces neared the city, Arsinoe ordered Theodotus of Chiosto kill Ptolemy and his brother, Ptolemy XIV, and then himself. Arsinoe then took poison, ending the Ptolemaic dynasty.

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