The Pteran Empire was an Empire in Southern Europe. First originating in 3869 B.C.( when the city of Ptera, then a small farming community was founded),it soon became extremely powerful, coming in control of all the surrounding nomads by 2395 B.C. The Pteran Empire revolutionized the ancient world, discovering forging in 2015 B.C. By 1964 B.C., Ptera controlled everything from the Caspian Sea to the Italian peninsula as far north as Slovakia. By 1593 B.C, the Empire controlled all of Europe except for the British Isles. The Empire then went into a short decline, losing western Spain to uprisings, but reconquered. In 1462 B.C., Emperor Galos XVI led a middle eastern conquest conquering all the way down to the middle of the Arabian Peninsula. His sucsessor, Galos XVII completed the conquest of Arabia.


The rise of the Roman Empire caused Ptera to lose much of it's western holdings, but it remained the dominant imperial power. Deronas XXIV led a counter attack against the Romans in 527 B.C., resulting in the reconquest of much territory. However, thereafter Ptera concentrated onexpandingg Eastward, do to it's heavy losses. Ptera came in contoll of land almost touching Modern day China. After the fall of Rome in the Fifth century, Ptera defeated German Barbarins and came in control of lands all the way through Germany.


Ptera became a dominant power in Europe during the Middle Ages, conquering various regions throughout Eur- Asia and Africa. It claimed much of Northern Canada to Britains Dismay in 1682-83. The Pteran Empire still exists today, though as a city state east of the Black Sea, with a small bit of land and a few island colonies in the Atlantic.

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