Original LP Cover.

Studio album by Mercury
Released 7 June 1982
Recorded Abbey Road Studios; Britannia Row Studios, November 1981-May 1982
Genre Progressive rock, Experimental rock
Length 48:28
Label Harvest, Columbia
Producer Syd Barrett
Mercury chronology
Budha in the Gardens

Mercury is the first studio album of the British progressive rock supergroup Mercury. It was released by the Harvest Records at 7 June 1982.

Mercury originally started with the idea of a Syd Barrett touring band. Eventually, this was discarted with Kevin Ayers giving the idea for a supergroup instead of a touring band. Barrett agreed with the idea, saying that "he misses to play in a band".

The keyboardist Richard Wright participated on the album recordings as a session musician. Initially he was invited to the band but declined for a time, with two years later, entering into the band as a full-member.

The song "Rollercoaster" was released as a single. The song was a hit, reaching the #8 position at the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart, and the #18 position at the British Singles Chart. The album reached the #34 position at the Billboard 200 and the #21 position at the British Official Album Charts. The band had a tour between Europe and North America.


Side A

No. Title Music Lead vocals Length

"Experimental Anomalies"

  • I. "Amen" (0:53)
  • II. "Umbra Ecfigia" (5:31)
  • III. "Anomalies I"
  • IV. "Anomalies II"
  • V. "Umbra Ecfigia (Reprise)"
  • VI. "Breaktime" (5:00)
Barrett, Wright, Ayers, Sinclair, Wilson Barrett, Wright, Ayers, Sinclair 22:57
Total Length: 22:57

Side B

No. Title Music Lead vocals Length
1. "Rollercoaster" Barrett Barrett 6:11
2. "Surrounding" Sinclair Instrumental 2:41
3. "Lion" Barrett, Ayers Barrett, Ayers 3:15
4. "Skyline and Sunset" Barrett, Sinclair, Ayers Barrett, Sinclair 8:53
5. "Drum" Wilson Instrumental 1:06
6. "Renner" Barrett Barrett 1:25
Total Length: 25:31

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