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Psychedelic Circus
Studio album by Stars
Released 7 June 1982
Recorded November 1981-May 1982
Genre Psychedelic rock, progressive rock
Length 48:28
Label Harvest
Producer Stars, Syd Barrett
Zee-Stars chronology
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Psychedelic Circus

Psychedelic Circus is the first studio album of the British psychedelic rock band, Stars (later, Zee-Stars). The album, even with Barrett's leadership, wasn't quite successful as his solo album, the Crazy Diamond.

The album had two singles, Clowns and Frowns, and Marshall Loud, the latter having a great success throughout the Americas. Even without being a great success, the album is considered one of the best albums of the Psychedelic Rock.


Side A

No. Title Music Lead vocals Length
1. "Entrance" Barrett Barrett, Twink 0:53
2. "Tickets, Please" Barrett Barrett 1:13
3. "Marshall Loud" Barrett, Monck Barrett, Monck 4:18
4. "Corn" Twink Twink 3:30
5. "Mr. Randy Circus" Barrett, Monck, Twink Barrett, Monck, Twink 2:49
6. "Henry Magician" Barrett Barrett 5:14
7. "Breaktime" Twink, Monck Monck 5:00
Total Length: 22:57

Side B

No. Title Music Lead vocals Length
1. "Clowns and Frowns" Barrett Barrett 6:11
2. "The Aerialists" Monck Monck 2:41
3. "Lion" Barrett Barrett, Twink 3:15
4. "Mystery Box and Tight Rope" Barrett, Monck, Twink Barrett, Monck 8:53
5. "The Audience Applauses" Twink Instrumental 1:06
6. "Thanks for Coming" Barrett, Monck, Twink Barrett, Monck, Twink 1:25
Total Length: 25:31

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