The Pskovian Weights and Measure Act of 1432 refers to a 1432 law in which the Pskovian Veche decided to standardize the weights and measures used throughout the Pskov Republic for trade purposes, and make them in relation to the rest of Europe (an example of this being the Pskovian zolotnik being equivalent to three=halves of the gold in the Venetian Ducat, a currency widely used by traders due to its reliability). This act was met by protest at first by the Muscovites, which had their own ruble, but for the time being it is unknown what the Muscovite ruble actually is so it is unknown how profound the protests are ... in any case, the sentence before shall be updated with new information. with some exceptions, most units go by multiples of five for smaller, and ten for larger units (in terms of the one before it).

Weights and Measures

Here is a list of the new weights and measures used in the new Russian system.



The units with (b) beside them refer to units "borrowed" from the Apothecaries' system, but still in use for different things ... such as the fluid Uncia ...

Unit Transliteration Ratio Metric Value
Gran (b) 1/100 53.175 mg
Dolia 1/5 1.0635 g
Zolotnik 1 5.3175 g
Rubl' 3 15.9525 g
Uncia (b) 5 26.5875 g
Gryvnaya Dolia 15 79.9625 g
Staraya Grivna 37 1/2 199.40625 g
funt(b) 75 398.8125 g
(Novaya) Grivna 150 797.625 g
Ves 375 1.9940625 kg
Pud 3750 19.940625 kg
Berkovets' 37 500 199.40625 kg


Unit Transliteration Ratio Metric Value Ordinary Value
Gran 1 53.175 mg 1 gran
Scrupul 20 1.0635 g 1 Dolia
Drachma 100 3.1905 g 1 zolotnik
uncia 500 26.5875g 1 uncia
funt 7500 306.288 g 1 funt


The base unit, the Arshin, is based on the Prince's arm ...

Unit Transliteration Ratio Metric Value
Tochka 1/4000 0.2015625 mm
Linia 1/400 2.015625 mm
Diuym 1/40 2.015625 cm
Vershok 1/20 4.03125 cm
Chetvert 1/4 20.15625 cm
arshin 1 80.625 cm
sazhen' 3 2.41875 m
verst 1500 1.209375 km
milia 15 000 12.09375 km


Dry Units

The Dry Units are mostly based on the length units cubed

Name Transliteration Metric Value
Cubic Duym 8.188968658 cm3 (mL)
Cubic Vershok 65.511749 cm3 (mL)
Cubic Arshin 524.09399414 dm3 (L) 
Cubic Sazhen 14150.537841796875 dm3 (L) 

Liquid Units

the Liquid volume Uncia (oz) is the amount of volume taken up by one uncia (once) of water ...

Unit Transliteration Ratio Metric Value
Uncia 1/500 26.5875 ml
kosushka 3/500 79.7625 ml
charka 1/100 132.9375 ml
Butylka 3/50 797.625 ml
kruzhka 1/10 1.329375 L
vedro 1 13.29375 L
bochka 40 531.75 L

Some Equivalencies

To the accuracy of 0.04 grams, 14 Uncia, 1 Dolia ► 1 troy Pound.

However, due to the extremely small nature of the Dolia, to most people

14 Pskov Ounces ► 1 troy Pound

1 Pskov Ounce ► 14/12 Troy Ounces

These equivalencies are accurate to a degree, even to some modern standards, the difference is not noticeable, let alone to the ... dodgey standards of anything pre-industrial in terms of measurements.