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The Przemyslids were a Czech dynasty.

Przemysl kings, dukes and margraves

King of Bohemia, margrave of Moravia: Vaclav I -1255

List of Przemysl kings of Bohemia and dukes of Austria
Name Reign Comment
Vladislav 1253-55
Vaclav II 1255-1322
Otakar I 1322-36
List of Przemysl margraves of Moravia
Name Reign Comment
Ottokar I 1253-69
List of Przemysl dukes of Carinthia and margraves of Moravia
Ottokar I 1269-86
Heinrich I 1286-1326
Wenzel I 1326-35
Wenzel II 1335/36
Intra-familiar contract of the Przemyslids exchanged lands
List of Przemysl kings of Bohemia and margraves of Moravia
Otakar I 1336-51
Otakar II 1351-64
Vaclav III 1364-79
Heinrich 1379-86 Deposed in Bohemia and Moravia
Declaration of the Bohemian theocracy
List of Przemysl dukes of Austria and Carinthia
Wenzel II 1336-72
Heinrich II 1372-95 Also king of Bohemia and margrave of Moravia 1379-86
Ottokar II 1395-1459
Heinrich III 1459-1502 Acquired Styria in the Bavarian-Austrian War 1493
Ottokar III 1502-11 Last male of the dynasty
Dynasty died out; Austria, Styria and Carinthia went to Württemberg, Silesia to Brandenburg.

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