The Prussian Union Party (German: Preußische Vereinigungspartei, PVP) is a minor East Prussian political party formed in 1982 following the defeat of the Christian Democrats in 1981 and which grew in size and clout following the 1985 election of Gerhardt Kunst as the KDP chairman. The Prussian Union Party, unlike the Christian Democrats, are a conservative secular party following a uniquely strict and absolutist adherence to fiscal conservatism - low taxes, low government programs, and a reliance upon the privatization of economic resources. The PVP moved closer to the center over the course of the 1990's, especially in a coalition of opposition with the KDP, and Party Chairman Grigor Waschewic is currently Deputy Chancellor. The PVP reached out to Polish and Baltic minorities in the 1980's long before the KDP, helping fuel the KDP's necessity to remain competitive with the PVP.

In 2011, the PVP won 55 seats, adding to the KDP total of 231 to form a coalition of 286 seats, giving them a supermajority and only almost an absolute supermajority.

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