The Prussian Coup of 1811 was an attempt by conservative and reactionary elements in the army and government of Prussia to overthrow the Reformist government led by Prime Minister Baron vom Stein on July 7, 1811. Although the Reactionaries were initially successful, a revolt by the people of Berlin and other major centers in Prussia forced the army leaders to try to suppress the citizens, but many soldiers instead joined them, and arrested the leaders. Generals Hermann von Boyen and Gerhard von Scharnhorst, instrumental in the reformation of the army, led a Loyal army to secure Berlin, and arrested the ring leaders.

In the aftermath, the last vestiges of the Reactionary and conservative influence of the Prussian army were driven out, and the reforms that included a modernized army and a constitutional monarchy were safe and secure. Many of the generals were exiled abroad, many fleeing to Sweden, Russia and Great Britain, where they lived in relative anonymity due to their past in Prussia.

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