Preußischen Eidgenossenschaft

Preußischen Eidgenossenschaft

Prussia is defeated by Napoleon's France. Soon after the creation of the Duchy of Poland , Poland and Prussia go to war. The war ends with a Prussian victory. Fearing that Prussia could defeat France after their victory over Poland, they annex Prussia and found a puppet government. The new Government forms and divides Prussia into four states. Prussia state, state of Brandenburg, Polish state, Pomeranian state. The first leader of the Confederation is Prussian politician August Reichensperger.

Prussian state- The Prussian state contains the official capital of the Confederation, Konigsberg.

state of Brandenburg- The official capital of the state of Brandenburg is Berlin

Pomeranian state- the capital of the Pomeranian state is Wolgast

Polish state- the capital of the Polish state is Krakow

Alt history

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