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The time is July 1803. Napoleon, focused on his planned invasion of England, is also worried about his geostrategical position on the continent. He decides to approach Prussia with an offer that is hard for them to refuse. He wishes to give them a defensive alliance in return for Hanover, and promises of future territorial gains. The offer has the panned effect on Prussia, luring Frederick William out of his neutrality into an alliance with the French. When the British find out, they start a blockade of Prussian ports. While harmful to the Prussian economy, it also helps Napoleon, as the Royal Navy is stretched even further than before. With his situation on the continent seemingly secured, as he doesn't know about the Russian Coalition with England and Austria yet, he turns back to the problem of defeating England. While the Prussians move into Hanover, he sets his mind to work on ways to beat the British once and for all. The French are seemingly supreme. The sky is the limit in Napoleons mind. How does he choose to finish off the British?

Created by: Azecreth 21:09, August 4, 2010 (UTC)