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Order-State of Prussia
Ordensstaat Preußen
Timeline: Sundered Veil

OTL equivalent: Baltic States
SV-PrussiaFlag SV-PrussiaCOA
Flag Coat of Arms of the Grandmaster
Location of Order-State of Prussia
Capital Königsberg
Largest city Danzig
Other cities Riga, Reval, Memel
  others Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian
Demonym Prussian
Government Theocracy
Population 11 609 098 
Established 1224
Currency Prussian Mark

The Order-State of Prussia is a state located along the eastern coast of the Baltic sea. It borders the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania to the south and east, the Grand Duchy of Brandenburg to the west, and the Russian Empire to the north. It is a Theocratic Stratocracy, ruled by the Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order.


Post Sundering

Thirteen Years War



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