Timeline: Napoleon Killed at Toulon

OTL equivalent: German Empire
Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) Wappen Preußen
Flag Coat of Arms

"Gott mit uns" (German)

(and largest city)
Other cities Koingsburg, Hamburg, Munich,
  others Polish, French
Religion Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Lutheranism
Ethnic Groups
  others Polish, French
Government Monarchy
Area 540,857.54 km²
Population 64,925,993 
Established 6 March 1797
Currency GoldMark
A grand empire, Germany is a Monarchy, with a strong army and massive economy; Germany has become one of the strongest empires ever created.


Germany was once a group of hundreds of states and more larger nations, until the day France surrendered to Sardinia, this quick defeat shocked thousands of Germans and gave Prussia an opportunity. Prussian diplomats were spread across the German nations telling them what was to happen to them without being united with other German nations and offered them a proposition: merge their land and government into Prussia to ensure that they would be able to fight back any invading nations. Every small German state fell one by one, each wanting the power to stop invaders, many historians find it amazing that Prussia was able to annex every single one.

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