Map of Prussia

The Republic of Prussia is a Central European country, member of the Baltic League, a German-speaking country, allied with the USA.

The capital city is Konigsberg, and the country has six millions inhabitants. Formed after the Allies' War, in a USA-backed revolution, when a right-wing government was imposed.

After the Millennium Revolutions, in 1999-2000, a truly democratic republic began. The country has getting close ties with Western European countries for the last decade, with results showed.


Once part of Nazi Germany, Prussia was to be divided between the Soviet Union and Communist Poland. When the Allies' War erupted, it took less than two months to the American Army to conquer the territory. The German population, supportive in the fight against the Soviets who were kicking them out of their homelands, joined the American side, being the first nation of New Free Europe to be unoccupied by the Allies, in April 12, 1948.

The First President, leader of the East Prussia Gauleiter in the Nazi era, was Erich Koch. Extreme anti-Communism, he and McCarthy shared views. That helped him remain in power until 1957, when McCarthy died.

The people, relating him to the Nazi era, continued to have the mentality of the Hitler Youth. In the Millennium Revolutions, it provoked the Polish Killing, when extremist groups in Southern Prussia started to kill hundreds of Polish citizens, believing to be the new German Reich.

Millennium Revolutions

After decades of extreme-right dictatorship, a new youth, wanting more rights, had their revolution, which easily spread to neighbouring nations. The Konigsberg government felt when rioting citizens destroyed the Congress. The country fell into anarchy, with various left and right-wing movements sparking. Only with Polish intervention the country finally had peace, after two years of civil war. The Revolution spread quickly into other countries in Central and Northern Europe, changing the Baltic League and the mind of all Europeans.
Civil flag of Prussia 1701-1935

Flag of the Republic of Prussia

Millenium Revolutions

Scene of the Millennium Revolutions in Konigsberg.

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