Prussia is a world power

This time line will explore the world where a miniscule change changed history. King Frederick William I of Prussia does not force his son to marry. Instead King Frederick the Great of Prussia marries Princess Louise of Denmark in 1745 to secure a personal union with the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway and has a male heir to continue his line.

In the beginning...

May 1740- King Frederick II (the great) is crowned King in Prussia, a small backward German state, like hundreds of others.
Prussia 1747

The Kingdom of Prussia, after the death of King Frederick V of Denmark-Norway in 1747

Late 1740- After a two month campaign the King and his men take over the rich Austrian province of Silesia. It is later made part of Prussia as the Silesian Province.

August 1745- King Frederick marries 19-year old Princess Louise of Denmark to secure a personal union between the two countries for his children.

September 1746- Crown Prince Frederick of Prussia is born.

January 1747- King Frederick V of Denmark-Norway dies suddenly leaving his Kingdom to his brother-in-law Frederick the Great. 

Early 1750- Frederick leads his armies to invade Sweden to expand his Empire.
Prussia 1788

Prussia after the death of King Frederick the great, 1786.

Late 1750- After a ten-month long campaign Frederick and his men capture Stockholm and Helsinki, so the Swedish empire joins the Kingdom.

August 1756- Frederick invades Saxony starting the seven years war.

1770- After a time of peace Hanover joins Prussia.

1771- Crown Prince Frederick marries Princess Elizabeth of France and has a child, William, later on that year.

1772- Frederick leads his forces to conquer the territories surrounding East Prussia and so uniting his Empire. He proclaims himself King of Prussia.

August 1786- Frederick dies leaving his large empire to his son King Frederick III.

The Beginning of Empire ...

January 1787- King Frederick III, King of Prussia, Emperor of Sweden, Lord of Denmark, Greenland, Iceland etc.. Is crowned in Berlin. Two days after his coronation he talks with his new cabinet and sacks every single one of them! (the first of only two complete cabinet changes in Prussian history). With his new cabinet he discusses the future of Prussia. His father's expansionist policy has left the country on the verge of bankruptcy, so Frederick decides to focus on building up Prussia`s trade and colonies.

June 1787- After sending men to capture trade posts in Africa, South America, Asia and India. The first of his men arrives in West Africa (OTL Cote d`Ivoire) they claim this land for Prussia and name it Elfenbeinküste  or Ivory Coast in English.   

August 1787- A fleet land in South America (OTL French Guiana and Guyana), The French had previously tried to colonise these lands but failed they call this new land New Ostpreußen New East Prussia in English.

January 1788- The final fleets land in India and Asia (OTL Bengal and Tiawan) they name these lands Preußischen Ostindien or Prussian East India and Formosa.

1792- The French Revolutionary wars begin involving Prussia, Great Britain, Russia and Spain against the newly formed French republic and the Kingdom of Mysore.
Prussian Empire 1796.

The Prussian Empire, 1797

1788-1796- The Prussian economy is now back on track. After little resistance from natives the Prussian conquers rule over the newly acquired rich lands they export Sugar, Ivory, Spices and plenty of other exotic commodities back to the motherland. The colonies also expand deeper into Africa and control the North East coast of South America and The East coast of India. Also because of the French revolutionary wars Prussia manages to capture The Kingdom of Mysore and Sengal and Haiti. Also in Mainland Europe the Prussians make an advance on France taking parts of Bavaria captured by France earlier.

July 1797- King Frederick III dies of a heart attack age 51 and leaves the throne to his son Crown Prince William, He becomes William I King of Prussia, Emperor of the Scandinavian realms and Colonies overseas.


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