Prudence Harding
Prudence Harding
|210px|alt=|'Duchess of Cambridge']]
'Duchess of Cambridge'
Duchess of Cambridge
Spouse John, Duke of Cambridge

m. 1582

Issue John, 2nd Duke of Cambridge

Anne, Duchess of Norfolk
Frances, Marchioness of Winchester
George, Earl of Wessex
Margaret of Cambridge
Elizabeth, Countess of Derby
Mary of Cambridge
Robert of Cambridge
Joan, Baroness le Despencer
Richard of Cambridge

House House of Vasa (by marriage)
Father Richard Harding
Mother Margery Teeny
Born 14 March 1565
Surrey, England
Died 13 December 1642 (aged 77)
Cambridge, England
Burial Henry VIII's Chapel, Westminster Abbey
Religion Anglican
Prudence Harding was the eldest daughter of the Harding family. Born in a peasant family, she had no reason to have an arranged marriage, so she had the freedom to marry for love. When John, Duke of Cambridge, a nephew to Edward VI, arrived in her village in diguise to visit a local brothel, her brown hair and bright blue eyes captivated him. He changed his plans and spent his time with Prudence. As Prudence tried to return home, John revealed himself, and inquired if she would marry him. Although she had no dower, she was accepted by the royal family because of her virtous nature. She was notablely snubbed by the Princess of Wales for being low born. When people called her a social climber Princess Sophia remarked, "If Prudence is a social climber she should've aimed higher and married my brother".  Queen Isabella affectionately called her, "Prune".

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