Предварительная Республика Аляске
Provisional Republic of Alaska
Timeline: America Takes All Lands From Mexico And Ottoman Empire
Preceded by 1917-December 1920 Succeeded by
Flag of Russian Alaska (HR)Russian America US flag with 64 stars by Hellerick Alaska
Flag of Alaska Alaskacoa
Flag of Provisional Republic of Alaska Coat of Arms of Provisional Republic of Alaska
Alaska locator
Map of Alaska Before 1920

Жители Аляски никогда не хотел (Russian)
("Alaskans Never Wanted")

Anthem: "United Alaska"
Capital: Новый Архангельск (New Archangel)
Largest city: Vassilyansk
Other cities: Vassilyansk, Unalaska, Telegragsk, Yuma, Flagstaff
  other languages: Japanesse, Native Dialects
Othrodox, Christiannity
  other religions: Buddhism
Ethnic groups:
  other: Japanesse, Native Americans
Type of government: Provisional Government
  government: Government Remnants
Area: 1,717,854 km²
Population: 701,894 
Currency: Rupak
Provisionalist Alaska Or Provisional Republic of Alaska is Remnant of Russian Empire Since Civil War And Russianists Taken Over After 1910s Alaska Will Be Petitioned Into United States as New Russophone US State.

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