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Provisional Government of Hong Kong (Scotland says "Yes")

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Provisional Democratic Government of Hong Kong
Timeline: Scotland says "Yes"

OTL equivalent: Hong Kong
Hong Kong Bauhinia Flag (Navy Blue) Emblem of Provisional HK SSY
Coat of Arms

Dieu et mon droit ()Motto
Dieu et mon droit ()
("God and My Right")

(and largest city)
Hong Kong
Ethnic Groups
93.6% Chinese
  others 6.4%
Demonym Hongkonger

Hong Kongese 香港人

Government Provisional Government
Area 2,755 km² (claimed)
Population 7,234,800 
Time Zone CET (UTC+1)
Internet TLD .de and .eu
Calling Code +49
The Provisional Democratic Government of Hong Kong is a government proclaimed by Hong Kong Protestors on the 4th August. It controls sporadic territory.

Protests originally occured in Hong Kong in 2014, but ended after strong movements against them, as well as promises by the government. Protests, however, began again in 2016 after Beijing attempted to enforce new Restriction Laws. Originally peaceful protests, with few arrests, on the 18th July the protests experienced violence, with over 250 protestors, police and by-standers injured; two days later, 20 protestors were killed in further clashes. Finally, large scale violence began after footage of police beating unarmed protestors was released.

The 28th saw protestors storm an armoury and seize guns and anti-riot gear, amongst other equipment, with some reports even of some police defecting.

The Unrest took an organised turn on the 4th August, when the Provisional Democratic Government of Hong Kong was established, prompting China to declare a local State of Emegency, and to remove Leung Chun-ying from the HK SAR.

Events went further in the direction of the rioters after major defections occurred within the Police to the Provisional Government, and on the 26th August the Chinese Government authorised military action against the newly formed militias, with the first, small numbers landing on the 1st September in the New Territories. However, due to defensive planning, on the morning of the second they had been deflected, and on the 3rd RoC representatives met with the Provisional Government

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