Provisional Emergency Administration
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: Western Nevada and Eastern California
PEA flag image Nevada-StateSeal
Flag Seal
PEA Map image
Location of (P.E.A)
Anthem "Home Means Nevada"
Capital Carson City
Largest city Carson City
Language English
Religion Catholicism and Atheism
Demonym Nevadan
Population 2,000,000 
Currency Ration Cards


Founding Of The Administration

After the bombs fall the Governor of Nevada declares martial law and calls the representatives of Douglas, Lyon, Storey, and Carson City Counties together at the State Capitol Building to form a Provisional Emergency Administration to determine what should be done next. I the meeting convenes 2 days after the bombs drop and the Provisional Emergency Administration agree as a whole to pool their resources and mobilize the state’s army national guard within the Counties that joined the Provisional Emergency Administration. 

Also the 92nd (Weapons of Mass Destruction) Civil Support Team deploys to Carson City where they begin to determine what cities were hit, how large of a bomb were they hit with, and where will the fallout from the explosions that destroyed said cities go. They set up their command post right outside the State Capitol Building and after 28 hours of receiving data from weather stations and soldiers sent to check nearby population centers in Nevada they determine that the locations hit within the state of Nevada were the following: Las Vegas, Reno, Area 51, and Nellis Air Force Base.

The mobilization of the National Guard and the Counties Sheriff’s Departments goes well. But, Unfortunately the 991st Multi-Purpose brigade does not Mobilize and remains AWOL until it is eventually discovered that the majority of the Brigade were in Las Vegas on leave when the bombs dropped and those who weren't killed because of the Nuclear Blast that destroyed Las Vegas became raiders or were killed in the nuclear explosion that destroyed Nellis Air Force Base. Thus the full remaining force of the Army National Guard amounted to 4,120 Guardsmen and Women. 

Also in the meantime under orders from the Governor the National Guard and FEMA started setting up refugee camps outside Las Vegas and Reno to help those displaced by the nuclear blasts at both location and provide medical help and supplies to those who needed it most. However, Medical Supplies were dwindling and local hospitals, field hospitals, and triage centers were packed to the brim with the Dead or Dying. But, Luckily Food and Water were still largely available along with more common medical supplies like over the counter drugs and bandages. 

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