Временное Всероссийское правительство
Provisional All-Russian Government
Provisional government
Flag of Russia.svg
Flag of Russia.svg
1918–1921 Flag of Russia.svg
Flag of Russia.svg Kolchak (blason).jpg
Flag Coat of arms
Russia Map 3 (White Victory).png
Claimed territories in green.
Capital Tsaritsyn
Official language Russian
Religion Christianity
Government Provisional government
Chairman of the Duma
 - 1918—1921 Alexander Kerensky
Deputy Chairman of the Duma
 - 1918—1921 Alexander Kolchak
Legislature Provisional Duma
Historical era Russian Civil War
 - Established 1918
 - Disestablished 1921
Currency Russian ruble

The Provisional All-Russian Government (Временное Всероссийское правительство) was a unified front of the White Army in Russia. It was their interim government, meant to be a provisional state until the end of the Russian Civil War. The government was based in the southern city of Tsaritsyn and controlled much of Russian territories. When the war ended, it was reformed into the Russian Democratic Republic.



The provisional government was led by the chairman and deputy chairman of the Provisional Duma, which itself had 165 members. The chairman was, throughout the government's existence, Alexander Kerensky, the former minister-chairman of the interim Russian Republic of 1917.

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