The Kingdom of Wales is subdivided into 20 provinces. Each province is controlled by a governing body. Below is a list of the Welsh provinces, the principal towns and other towns of note within their borders.

Political Map of Wales Post 1850

Map of Welsh Provinces

Ynys Mon

  • Capital: Llangefni
  • Largest Town: Caergybi (OTL Holyhead)
  • Seat of Earl of Mon: Aberffraw
  • Royal Castle of Biwmares


  • Capital: Caernarfon
  • Largest Town: Caernarfon
  • Seat of Prince of Gwynedd: Garth Celyn
  • Important Other Towns/Cities: Royal City of Harlech, the town of Machynlyth, the Royal Fortress of Conwy


  • Capital: Y Trallwng (OTL Welshpool)
  • Largest Town: Wrecsam
  • Seat of Prince of Powys: Traditionally the Castle of Trefaldwyn (OTL Montgomery Castle). Modern: Powis Castle
  • Royal Palaces: Sycharth (Summer Palace)
  • Important Other Towns:

Y Mers

  • Capital: Llwydlo (OTL Ludlow)
  • Largest Town: Amwythig (OTL Shrewsbury)
  • Seat of Earls of Y Mers: Castell Llwdlo
  • Important Other Towns:


  • Capital: Henffordd
  • Largest Town: Henffordd
  • Seat of Earls of Henffordd: Drefbrenin (OTL Kington)
  • Important Other Towns: Cymraeg Caer Wrangon (Welsh Worcester)

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