Map of the Provinces, with the Regional division: Red - Far West, Orange - Center-West, Yellow - Center, Blue - District, Green - East

The last definition of the provinces of Concepcion was in the article 74 of the 1994 Constitution, when there was the division of the Dolores and Maré provinces.


Flag Province Capital Abbreviation
Flag of Moresnet
Abelardina Santo Augusto AB
Flag of United Republic of Argentina and Chile (Night of the Living History)
Andes Cidade do Atacama (OTL Iquique) AN
Baixo Chaco Marechal Lopes (OTL Formosa) BC
Flag of Argentina (alternative)
Charruás Santa Valéria CH
Coríntios Sócrates CT
Guarany Baptista (OTL Reconquista) GY
East Austria (ChiFa)
Jaguaryuna São Jorge JG
180px-800px-Bonnieblue svg
Maré Santa Cecília (OTL Bahía Blanca) MR
Flag of Brazil (Jardim project)
Mesopotâmia Paraná MP
Modena Flag (1861 HF)
Nortumbria Gardel de Menezes NT (DN)
Rosa Fidalgo Barretos RF
Distrito Autônomo de Santo Antônio Santo Antônio SA
Santa Maria Porto das Virgens (OTL Buenos Aires) SM (DL)
Flag of Santiago de Chile
Santiago Santiago dos Andes (OTL Santiago de Chile) ST
Flag of Tucuman-concepcion
Tucumã São José (OTL San Miguel de Tucumán) TC

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