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After supper, Mr. Mottershead was called to the telephone, and he politely excused himself, and rushed out of the room. You decide that it would be best to figure out if he is telling a true or false story, so you begin by making your way to his office. You find the room unlocked, so you enter, and look around for some proof. on his desk, you notice a letter, but Mottershead name wasn't on it. You look at it, and realize the stamp is from Canada. You are about to look at the letter when Mottershead hangs up the phone, and you must leave back to the dinning room. You arrive just before he does, and you pretend to be studying a painting.

"Sorry about that," he said. "Business."

"Of course," you reply in Russian, which only brings a smile to his face.

"You need to prove my story, huh?" he replied, also in Russian.

"I don't want to be lead into a trap, as that nearly happened in Germany a couple times." You make your way back to him. "How can you prove that your not a Nazi plant, trying to lure me back to Germany to kill me?"

"I can only say that some elements of the British Government don't want to see Himmler and his thugs come to power. They can't be responsible, so they need some one else. And they asked me."

"And you exactly are you, because I can tell you aren't Russian."

"You went into my office, didn't you?" he asked, hands crossed in front of him. You simply nod.

"Very well. I'm William Stephenson, and I'm really from Canada, but work with Winston Churchill to try to bring down the Nazi's. He can assure you that the Allies will not intervene if you can destroy the Nazi's, and may even be able to lift the restrictions of the Versailles Treaty if you succeed." He looks at you eye to eye. "Will you do it?"
William stephenson

Henry Mottershead, aka William Stephenson



No, I'm done with this!

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