Protestant Wars were two different Protestant peasants' revolutions against the Papacy (Adrian VIPius IV and Alexander VII), which were lead by Lutheran anti-popes (Martin Luther who was forced to be a claimant and Mark Unger) in Holy Roman Empire (mainly in Saxony) and Hungary against Charles V and Louis II. There was also a minor rebellion of Calvinist in the late 1520s, but after the Lutherans, it is crushed very quickly.

Holy Roman Empire

Dresden rebellion of Lutherans
Date1522 - 1526
LocationSaxony, Holy Roman Empire
  • Rebellion is destroyed
  • Martin Luther is burned at the stake
  • Lutherans run away to Scotland and Hungary
  • Lutheran Rebels

The revolution started with storming of the church were Martin Luther was preaching (even though he was excommunicated), they brought him out and 3 cities started the rebellion. Dresden, Meissen and Leipzig had a big revolution and soon they acquired the whole of Saxony as Chemnitz, Gera, Jona and Coltbus also rebelled and by February 1523 Magdeburg and Erturt were under siege and Frederick III, Elector of Saxony was thrown out. The line staid in place until 1524, when a united army of Palatine, Brandenburg and the Holy Roman Emperor broke the sieges of Magdeburg and Erturt. By 1525 the revolution was pushed to the river Elbe. The last stronghold became the City of Meissen and it took the armies an entire year. Finally for this Lutherans were either beheaded or hanged, but Martin Luther was burned at the stake in Dresden in front of all the citizens.


Calvinist also had uprising, but Charles I didn't allow another war. This church regrouped after three decades in Geneva, but this time their were expelled by Ferdinand I, seeking save haven, they went to Poland.


Hungarian rebellion of Lutherans
Date1533 - 1541
LocationBudapest, Kingdom of Hungary
  • Rebelion is destroyed, but Budapest is mostly desolated
  • Lutherans are mostly killed, others go to Scandinavia
  • Indirectly the banishment of Lutherans to New Rome
  • Rebels

When Mark Unger became the Lutheran anti-pope Martin VII he went into Scotland, where Lutherans used the crisis surrounding the regency of Robert IV of Scotland and was mostly delighted with the revolution in Hungary, after Suleiman I and Louis II made a truce. Louis II used the money given to him by the Pope Leo X 13 years earlier. The revolt in the Cities of Buda and Pest took eight years to crush as the sponsoring of Martin was huge as one after another, the lords of Scotland became Lutheran and send money to Hungary. Finally in 1537 Martin VII was banished for trying to make Robert a Lutheran. After he and other Lutherans settled the OTL place of Quebec, Lutheran lords of Scotland were banished or killed and Martin was replaced by David Ross who called himself Clement VII, it was just two years until the money ran out and the revolution was crushed.  

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