The Pronatus, which literally means “firstborn” is another client species of the Terran Empire. The Pronat Republic had been a small but powerful nation in the corner of the galaxy before they were taken over by the Terrans. Their military is very similar to Terran standards, albeit a bit more advanced. However, their numbers are much less than the Terrans. Terran armies have received much technical data from taking over the Pronatus. Their OTL equivalent could be the Swiss, with a well trained, well equipped, well supplied but small army. The Pronatus usually depended on their political and economic connections to more powerful nations for protection- however, with the rapid development of the Terran army, as well as the unwillingness of other nations to go into a costly war with the Terrans lead to the easy Terran takeover of the Pronat Republic.


Pronatus are about 1.9 meters tall, and have six fingers and one thumb. They are humanoid in shape, and possess mediocre strength compared to Terran soldiers.

They possess two noses, as well as two eyes. Their feet

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