Promethean Battle Armor

A Promethean Warrior in Battle Armor.

The Promethean Empire are a brutal, warrior race that seeks to expand throughout the galaxy in an attempt to cope with Prometheus's increasing demand for natural resources. They first began their expansion beyond Prometheus on 20,000 BCE 200 years after destroying another race that inhabited the planet: the Ulmari. As time passed, they began going on a rampage of conquest.


The Prometheans, like the humans, were a brutal and warlike race. The Prometheans are believed to have discovered written language between 80,000 BCE to 60,000 BCE. By 20,200 BCE the Prometheans and their rivals, the Ulmari, were reaching the industrial age and eventually fought for dominance over Prometheus. By 20,000 BCE Prometheus was drained of its natural resources, a similar fate that would await humanity eventually somewhere in the 21st century, if not for the alien interference during the 1960s. As the Empire expanded into the vast void of space, it encountered other races and bit by bit, conquered them. These were mainly space empires that were recently developing while others have been at pre-industrial levels.  Time passed and as it further expanded, it has conquered about 20 other alien races and has a huge empire across the Orion Arm. In the 20th century the Empire would find Humanity, and the most difficult race that it could conquer.


The Promethean Empire's form of government revolves around a form of totalitarian dictatorship surrounded behind the figure of Emperor. Some people within the Empire attempt to dispose of the Emperor and all these attempts were met with brutal suppression. So apparently, the Empire to the humans, could be considered an alien version of Nazi Germany.


Apparently, the Prometheans before the Great Purge, had mainly Polytheist religions until the Empire finally purged any and all religion within the Empire. They tend to harvest other alien species not only for trading with other species but also because on Kirmorir being a dedication to the victory over the Ulmari, where the Prometheans eat the harvested biomass of the harvested species as a symbol of pride and of their continuing conquest of the galaxy. According to Promethean tradition, if a female is defeated in battle by a male it is considered a chance of being declared as man and wife during marriage and these battles usually tend to be dangerous and bloody. However some religion survived the Great Purge and thus they are able to practice them in private. This situation is bad for the Imperial regime. The four major remaining religions are Anciasism, Cikirasism, Jutism, and Kitorism, all four of which the Imperial regime wants to eradicate. The Reaperiaosma is a holy day for the Empire which celebrates their further conquest and their attempt to rebuild their world.


The Promethean physiology is quite similar to human physiology although they have four fingers on each hand and foot, they are six times stronger than the average human whom would consider this a super strength and tend to have nostrils but no visible nose at all. They also tend to have reptilian eyes.


Though they are very advanced, they are nowhere near the level of the technology of the major powers. However, like the humans, they can quickly adapt their enemies' technologies against them. They are classified as a type II civilization on the Kardashev scale, despite their relatively small territory (Type II on the Scrawland Scale). Though many technologies are similar to the Azanarian society, they also have at least nine unique technologies.

  • Warp Bubbles
  • Elerium Bombs
    Hover Tank

    A Promethean Hover Tank.

  • Nano Weapons
  • Nanobots
  • Hovertanks
  • Mecha-Morphs
  • Bio Synthesis
  • Slipstream engines
  • Ion Cannon
Slipspace Travel

A Promethean vessel traveling though slipstream space.

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