The Proletarian Encyclopedia is a Soviet Government-sponsored Internet-based encyclopedia, committed to the "liberation" of knowledge from "bourgeous" distributors, allowing any law-abiding Soviet citizen to contribute in a helpful fashion.

The Encyclopedia's programming and business plan is a modification of Cascadian programmer Ward Cunningham's concept of online, free-to-contribute encyclopedias, dubbed "wiki." All contributions by any registered, law abiding Soviet citizen are welcome to contribute.

The site demands all articles to be written in a socialist realism-based manner, and is moderated by the Union of Soviet Writers. Any user caught vandalizing the site or adding "non-socialist" material is tracked down by the Soviet police and executed.

The site was founded in 2000 by the Soviet Ministry of Education under the orders of Gennady Yagodin, and quickly became an easier way to educate the people than physical schools, even though the latter were by no means phased out. The site, like all sites based in the Soviet Union, is government-controlled.

During the Fourth World War, the Encyclopedia was considered the opposite number to Wikipedia, a similar site used to promote the cause of the Allies, headed by Confederate programmer Jimmy Wales.